Internship Program

At LUXAIR TRAVELS AND TOURS, we relieve you of the stress of finding an affordable international internship. We coordinate everything for you – from sourcing, securing, and customizing your internship placement to sorting out your accommodation, organizing your airport pick, and more.

We match interns with innovative, entrepreneurial, and industry leading host organizations around the world that give you the opportunity to make a real contribution on high impact projects.

Our in-country and remote internships cultivate the job-ready skills you simply can’t get at home. They are designed to give you the hands-on experience, cultural intelligence, self-awareness, and international exposure you’ll need to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Can you imagine completing college semester credits or earning extra cash just for temporarily living and working in an amazing country overseas? Interning abroad gives you just that opportunity!

If the idea of eating delicious international food, taking local transportation, and immersing yourself in a completely different culture gives you happy butterflies, you’re in for a treat.

When you secure an international internship you open doors to the possibility of academic acceleration, resume and networking building, language learning, and cultural immersion into a whole new local community.

The average intern is an undergraduate student or recent graduate / young professional looking for an opportunity to strengthen their work experience. Choosing an internship abroad allows you to balance your love for travel with a new experience that will help you learn and grow -- all while training you to become an ideal career candidate.

Whether paid or unpaid, short-term or long-term, interning abroad holds great value. It’s become so popular that we’ve dedicated an entire section of Go Overseas to helping you search internship opportunities around the world.